Learn Guitar Scales Chicago Style With Josh

Attempting to learn guitar scales can be a very frustrating experience for many guitarists. It’s very easy to feel totally overwhelmed with just how much needs to be learned. To learn and master every possible guitar scale would take many lifetimes. Because of this, many guitarists find it hard even knowing where to start!

In this article I’ll reveal three powerful tips to help you in your quest for guitar scale mastery. They are designed to help reduce any feelings of overwhelm that you may currently have. Let’s take a look at the tips now:

**Tip #1: Develop a written plan for learning guitar scales.**

This is really important. It is vital to introduce some structure into your scale learning process. Rather than aimlessly practicing guitar scales, you want to become laser focused. This is achieved by writing down things such as:

– How much time each day you will devote to scale practice.
– What guitar scales you need to learn, in order to play the style of music that you love.
– What keys are the most common to the style of music that you play.
– What specific guitar scale exercises you will learn.
– What books, DVDs and other resources you will use to learn scales.
– What specific things that you don’t understand yet.

Teaching guitar scales

If you don’t know how to work out the stuff above, then I recommend booking some lessons with a professional personal guitar tutor. Make sure that your tutor can play the style of music that you love.  It wouldn’t be wise to study under a classical guitar tutor when the scales you actually need to learn are for a jazz guitar!

**Tip #2: Learn one scale at a time.**

I can’t stress this tip enough. A major reason why many guitarists never master guitar scales is that they try to learn too many at once. This usually causes them to learn scales on a very superficial level. They may know lots of scales, but they definitely haven’t mastered any. This causes them to sound very unmusical when they improvise. They just sound like they are running up-and-down scales.

**Tip #3: Don’t worry about trying to learn guitar scales in all 12 keys.**

This advice goes against what a lot of guitar tutors and guitar books say. The reason why I say it is simple:

Trying to learn all scales in all 12 keys leads to a feeling of overwhelm for most guitarists! It can take months to learn a scale to mastery in one key. Especially if you want to know that scale over the entire fretboard AND be able to improvise fluently with it. For some guitarists, just thinking that they need to do this in all 12 keys is too much. They just give up! Here is a much better approach:

1. Find out what the most common keys are for the style of music that you play.

2. List the keys in order. You will put the most common key at the top, and the least common key at the bottom.

3. Master the key that is at the top of the list.

4. Master, (one at a time), the rest of the keys on your list.

There we have it! Implement these three tips and turbo-charge your ability to learn guitar scales!

Get Online Help to Learn Guitar Scales Here.
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Justin’s Completely Free, Beginners Guitar Course Lesson BC-102. This is the second video in Stage 0 – the “Before you begin” stage, and in this video discuss the common types of guitar and the ever present question of what guitar to buy if you are a beginner. Find the related course notes on the following link: justinguitar.com The Justinguitar Beginners Guitar Course, a series of over 100 lessons on guitar for beginners. Text support is on the web site and also in a proper old skool paper book which can be ordered from the web site of your local music store :)Taught by Justin Sandercoe. Full support at the justinguitar web site where you will find hundreds of lessons on a wide range of subjects, and all the scales and chords that you will ever need! There is a great forum too to get help, no matter what the problem. And it is all totally free, no bull. No sample lessons, no memberships, no free ebook. Just tons of great lessons 🙂 To get help with this lesson (and for further info and tabs), find the Lesson ID in the video title (like ST-667 or whatever) and then look it up on the Lesson Index page of justinguitar.com www.justinguitar.com Have fun .

Are you asking yourself, what is the best beginner guitar? Maybe you are finding that buying the best beginner guitar frustrating, especially if you’ve never purchased before. With so many factors to consider, and with such an assortment of guitars available, the beginning guitarist may feel intimidated with the whole process.

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www.StarlandGuitar.com | Guitar Tips for Beginners I receive this question recently I am looking for a guitar and I was wondering if I could have some guidance. I have honestly never played one but I want to learn. I want a Dreadnought Acoustic style guitar, I am kind of on a budget, I can’t spend a ton of money on it but I would like to get a good guitar. Thanks! My answer: Well – you’ve narrowed it down to a Dreadnaught Acoustic. That’s good. I’m sure you realize that “a lot of money” and”good guitar” are very subjective. However, since you are a beginner I think it would be reasonable for me to make some assumptions. I’d suggest a price range of $200-300. It’s tricky buying a used guitar. I’d stick with new one with a warranty from a reputable outlet. The best “bang for buck” for beginner dreadnaughts are Yamaha, Takamine, Fender. Others include Seagull, Ibanez and Alvarez. I’m liking the Yamaha FG720S or the FG730S right now. That could change as new models come out. Get a case! I don’t like hardshell cases cause of the weight. I’d recommend an Access (brand) Upstart (model) or Stage One (a little better model). Bought are fairly inexpensive, light weight and good protection. Solid top vs. laminated top. Solid means the top of the guitar comes from one slice of wood. Laminated it’s several piece squished together like plywood. The short story is solid is better, but there are lots of factors that go into making a guitar. The Yamaha FG730S is a solid top. If you

 Discover The Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners

Choosing the best acoustic guitar for beginners learning program can make the difference between becoming an accomplished guitarist and a failed musician with a guitar left in the corner collecting dust. Ref: Acoustic Guitar Lessons For Beginners.

If you are new to acoustic guitars, check out this online course: Learn Major Scales On The Guitar Here.

The Best Acoustic Guitar Lessons

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www.youtube.com – (!) more important beginner’s guitar info at this video here, after you watch this one. Get this online guitar manual to learn important guitar techniques that you’ll need to know, and learn to play the correct way from the start: jamguitar.com And if you’re looking for a program that will take care of everything you need to learn guitar, you should check out the link above. I’ve seen lots of programs but this is the only one I’ve used a lot to learn, and it works great and keeps you interested in playing. This is a commercial guide and it costs a bit of money. I’m involved with the company, too, just to let you know and the above is an affiliate link. But that doesn’t change my opinion about it – it is the only thing I’ve ever used to play guitar. Hi everyone this video is about overcoming beginners guitar learning frustration and getting to love the guitar. It’s all about how much you love the guitar in the end – all the greatest guitarists learned to love their guitars and that made them practice 3 or 4 or more hours per day. Love is what makes you a legend when it comes to just about anything. So watch this video and learn the first step to overcoming that learning curve at the beginning… once you give enough practice and you’re past the curve, the guitar will start giving back Remember to practice correctly and practice often! Good luck, and cheers

Did you know that even famous guitar players will make mistakes when learning another guitar type such as acoustics etc. When starting out, pick a method that seems comfortable for you as a beginning guitar player. Go here now for help with Online Guitar Lessons..
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Guitar Scales for Beginners is a beginning guitar lesson by Peter Vogl. Get the tabs at www.freeguitarvideos.com This lesson covers the first set of scales that Peter teaches students regardless of what type of music they are interested in playing. These are the open or first position scales. If the lesson seems too fast, use the tablature to practice these scales at your own pace.

Learning guitar scales is the basic lesson you will need to know well in order to achieve success in the style of the music you are wishing to peruse. In this video, you will learn guitar scales and the basics to getting started as a profession musician.
Learn Major Scales On The Guitar Here.
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Written by Larry Mastel

Learn Guitar With The Complete Guide To Major Scales

For those who are new to learning the guitar, a necessary place to start would be in investigating the major scales on the guitar.

For complete versatility and guitar mastery, major scales are the fundamental tools for complete control over the fretboard.  I initially became interested in learning guitar through my mastery of Guitar Hero gaming.  In the transition, my Yamaha felt clumsy and comparatively heavy.

I went on to discover that the musical scale isn’t perfectly linear.  There doesn’t seem to be that one-to-one relationship with the location of the notes.  So your mastery of scales is a very crucial component of becoming proficient on the guitar. Read further to find out the why:

A Complete Guide To Major Scales On The Guitar

Major scales are one of the most fundamental tools, both from a practical and theoretical perspective on the guitar. From a technical point of view, being able to play every major scale in any position on the guitar gives you great access and control over the fretboard.

From a theoretical point of view, major scales are the cornerstone for much theory relating to soloing, composition, chord construction and the formation of other scales. When you construct chords, you are actually using the notes from a major scale to do so. For example, to play an F major chord, you need to use the 1st, 3rd and 5th notes (F, A, C) of an F major scale. Even the construction of minor chords and altered chords uses major scales as its basis. For example, a Gmin7b5 chord uses the altered notes of a G major scale – 1, b3, b5, b7 (G, Bb, Db, F).

Modes and scales are also constructed using major scales as the foundation. When you play a Dorian scale, you are effectively playing a major scale with a flat 3rd and flat 7th. Obviously, understanding and mastering the major scale is therefor the first step in mastering the Dorian scale.

I have tried to comprehensively provide a complete guide to major scales.

If you are totally new to major scales and the theory involved, you should check out the post about understanding major scales on the guitar.

Read The Original Article Here.

Like a lot of other musicians, I was compelled to move beyond having to follow a defined note pattern and begin playing from my emotions.  It forces me to stray from the analytical and move into a dimension of feeling my music.  I am still not extraordinarily great, but I have made steady progress after grasping the mastery of major scales on the guitar.

Learn Major Scales On The Guitar Here.

Beginner guitar sheet music

Laura asks…

Help finding beginner guitar sight reading sheet music?

where can i find beginner guitar sheet music online for the sole purpose of practicing sight reading?

When I started learning piano, my teacher loaned me books with simplistic songs that were designed to increase sight reading. Are there any examples (free) of these online?
which torrent files u downloaded? (not the program.. i got that lol)

josh answers:

I’ve been looking for this myself – if I find any I’ll email you, if u do the same – ITS ALL TABS!!! Grrrrr.
The only place i’ve been able to get anything is from torrent sites.


Lizzie asks…

where can i get free simple beginner sheet music for the guitar?

i am currently a beginner at learning the guitar and i don’t want to have the really complicated sheet music that i don’t understand yet so i just want simple easy to play and understand ones. HELP 😛

Guitar sheet music

josh answers:

I was in band in Jr high and high school, and i couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to read guitar music when i started 5 years ago. Tabs are very helpful, and unless you are playing in some kind of orchestra or something, i find sheet music pretty pointless, considering tabs are so much easier.

Guitar Sheet Music

Mary asks…

Where can you find free guitar sheet music for beginners?

Does anybody know where you can find simple, classic songs online for free? The specifics doesn’t matter so much, but any help would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

Free Guitar Sheet Music

josh answers:

Yes just type in the name of the song in Google and the first few websites should be what your looking for

Guitar Sheet Music

David asks…

what guitar to buy for a beginner?

i really want to learn how to play the guitar, as a teenager, but want suggestions on what would be a good guitar to invest in, as well as any other extras I should invest in. Also, what are some good p[laces with reasonably priced sheet music?

Beginner guitar sheet music

josh answers:

I just bought my first guitar about a month ago. I just went to reputable store and they were very helpful. There are guitars in nearly every price range and a good music store can give you great advice on which one is right for you. Mine is an Alvarez acoustic/electric and I love it. It has great tone.

As far as accessories I’d suggest a capo and a chord book to get you familiar with fingerings, strumming, etc. Also an electric tuner is nice as this makes tuning the guitar a snap. I often tune mine without, but the tuner is a time saver.

Music, I use a lot of chords and tabs that i find online. Just type “song title chords” into Google and you’ll come up with many free sites with lyrics and chords for a multitude of songs.

Good luck and have fun!

Beginner Guitar

Susan asks…

Songs i could play on guitar? (beginner)?

I started guitar around 2 months ago and i need songs to play. I know these chords: E minor A minor C D G and F. Thanks sheet music too if u have link or YouTube tutorials

Free Guitar Sheet Music

josh answers:

It really depends on what kind of music you like.Don´t play songs you don’t like just because they are beginner songs.Also it doesn’t matter how many chords you know,when you find a song you wish to play,learn the new chords that are required.This guy is awesome guitar teacher,there are lots of song tutorials for free on his site,see if you like any of these:http://www.justinguitar.com/en/ST-000-SongsTAB.php.

For me personally,I started playing Tenacious D songs first,check them out if you like rock.

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Easy Acoustic Begginer Guitar Lessons

Donna asks…

acoustic guitars for beginner?

whats a good guitar brand? im gonna start to get lessons, so a guitar would be pretty important.
i want a decent guitar that isnt too spendy. but i dont want a cheapie guitar that wont last long.

Simple Acoustic Beginner Guitar Lessons

josh answers:

First act is pretty good to start, it’s from WalMart, but really… It will last you forever, I had one for over 4 years

For a good acoustic get any Yamaha acoustic/electric at any music store, even some Best Buy’s

Just make sure to wood polish it with a rag every once and a while and what really determines sound is the strings, get some thicker gauge acoustic strings to start (anything but nylon)

Acoustic Beginner Guitar Purchase

William asks…

acoustic guitar help?

i love country music and i was interested in learning how to play acoustic iv never really played an instrument before but i really wanna learn how to what would be a good guitar for a beginner and some online books or actual books to teach me i don’t wanna take lessons thanks

Best Acoustic Beginner Guitar Purchase

josh answers:

Good beginner guitars would be something like a Takamine Jasmine S34C NEX Cutaway or an Epiphone DR100 for around $100. If you can swing $200 you can get a solid top guitar like the Yamaha FG700S. Those would be my top choices for beginner guitars.

As for learning to play, yes, you do want lessons, you just don’t want to pay for them. I’d recommend you go to a music store and buy book one of a good lesson series like Mel Bay or Hal Leonard and go through that and learn the fundamentals before you start jumping on YouTube and randomly looking for something that will teach you to play.

Youtube videos are a great supplement but should not be looked at as a primary source for learning the fundamentals of guitar. Books are great because you can sit down and play from them anywhere, but there are also a number of good DVD and video training materials available. There are some free sites that are decent but most I’ve seen don’t go through a methodical approach or start with fundamentals.

Everyone seems bent on just jumping right into learning specific songs without laying a good foundation. Learn the notes and how to read music, learn scales and chord theory, and actually understand what you’re playing and you’ll enjoy the guitar much more long term than if you just start memorizing a bunch of chords and tabs.

Cheap Acoustic Beginner Guitar Purchase

Richard asks…

how much does getting a guitar cost in total?

I want to learn how to play acoustic guitar but I’m clueless 😀

How much do they usually cost, what brand should I buy, how to take care of it, how much do lessons cost, is there a special one for beginners, and anything else I should know.

Best Acoustic Beginner Guitar Purchase

josh answers:

What you should do is just go to musicians friend’s website and pick up a Fender SE Special Strat Value Pack if you want electric. They are fairly decent guitar for a beginners. They come with EVERYTHING you will need to first start out. An amp, cable, picks, guitar stand, gig bag, tuner, and an instructional DVD all for 199 dollars.

Best Acoustic Beginner Guitar Brand Purchase

Mark asks…

What are good acoustic guitar brands to buy?

I am some-what a beginner and I’m hoping to get lessons soon with my brother…and I’m getting a new guitar hopefully, for my birthday. My old one was a Mitchell acoustic and it is to small for me now, because it’s 3/4 and I need a full. So considering I’m hoping to be able to pick up a new guitar and not only get better by myself, but with lessons, I am wondering what are good brands for beginners, and overall good to play with a good sound? Thanks! Easy 10 points!

josh answers:

Collings, Santa Cruz, Goodall, and Froggy Bottom all make fantastic acoustic guitars.

Simple Acoustic Beginner Guitar Lessons

Linda asks…

Beginner at Guitars Help?

First of all i’m going to a high school that offers guitar lessons for beginners its a Music Academy. All i need to know is what guitar to begin with! My friend told me i should start with nylon strings but not really my style so im going with Steel strings How bad is the pain? Imo i have pretty rough fingers so idk. I’m going to start off with an acoustic but idk which one to get i don’t know anything about guitars but i really wanna learn!! how much would i spend on an acoustic guitar and where are some places i can buy some that aren’t cheap or too pricey! and if you can post a photo of a guitar and the name! and give me info on what i should start with.

josh answers:

I’ve been on and off with the guitar but recently I’ve been practicing much more over the guitar than any other instrument I’ve played. My first instrument was the piano. Easy. Second was the violin. I built a little bit if callouses from that. Then when I started playing the guitar, the pain was the most difficult to deal with.

*TIP* If you don’t have callouses yet, do NOT play the guitar before or after you shower. IT STINGS!!! But once you built your callouses, it does not hurt at all. It’s easier to slide up and down the strings of the guitar.

My first guitar (the one I still use now) is a simple $100 steel string acoustic guitar. The brand is Eleca. I don’t see myself having a musical career, so I guess I’ll use this one forever.
Honestly, I think you should save your time and money buying the standard strings and cope with the pain. Your callouses come in after a week; depending on how much you’re playing it.

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Nancy asks…

Best free online guitar lessons?

I’m planning on teaching myself to play guitar or even bass guitar. However, like a lot of people, I simply don’t have the money to be putting towards those usually expensive guitar lessons. A lot of people have told me that there are free online guitar lessons that are actually worthwhile, and this seems like the best route for me to take. That being said, does anyone know of any GOOD free online guitar lesson websites that teach guitar and/or bass guitar?

If this helps at all, I will be practicing guitar on acoustic; for bass, just a regular bass guitar.

Thanks a bunch for your time and answers 🙂

josh answers:

Some people make it with the help of on line lessons and a guitar playing friend who will work with them now and then.
If you really want to do it right, you will find a good teacher and take lessons. Guitar is relative easy, but not so easy that every one can learn on their own.
Take lessons and you will most likely still be playing 2 years from now. Teach your self and you most likely will not be playing 2 years from now.

Ken asks…






josh answers:

Wow, now THAT is a doozy of a question. Punk is basically the antithesis of formal guitar instruction. It’s a genre of music that gets its sound specifically from players who don’t “know how” to play guitar. (I put that in quotes because I don’t really believe in a “right” or “wrong” way to play any instrument.)

I can kind of give you an online lesson right now, actually.

1) Pick an open-chord shape (most likely E or A.)

2) Move it up a fret and barre.

3) Slam down on the guitar strings repeatedly.

4) Move your hand to another position on the fretboard.

5) Return to step 3.

And I’m only being half-facetious here. The idea behind punk is to “buck the system.” Guitar lessons, by nature, are instruction on a system.

And I’m not knocking them; I make my living teaching guitar. I also love punk rock. All I’m saying is that anything that claims to be “teaching punk guitar” is really kind of a paradox.

Your best bet is to listen to a lot of punk and try to imitate it. Listen to the classics, like the Sex Pistols and the Clash, Ramones, stuff like that. (God help me, not this new pseudo-punk crap that is actually emo pop.)

Rock on dude!!

William asks…

Where can i get online guitar lessons?

josh answers:

Do a search for “online guitar lessons”. This is one of the sites that came up in a search:


Mark asks…

Do online guitar lessons really work? And if so which one is the best?

josh answers:

Online guitar lessons, lessons from books, or lessons in person all only work if the person taking the lesson puts the effort into learning the guitar.

Sharon asks…

great online guitar lessons?

I want to start learning the guitar online, is there any good ones? I want to learn how to play a normal guitar and then a eletric. Also are eletric and the normal one sort of the same to play?

josh answers:

Electric can be easier with regard to the action and size (width) of the neck…

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