Written by Larry Mastel

Learn Guitar With The Complete Guide To Major Scales

For those who are new to learning the guitar, a necessary place to start would be in investigating the major scales on the guitar.

For complete versatility and guitar mastery, major scales are the fundamental tools for complete control over the fretboard.  I initially became interested in learning guitar through my mastery of Guitar Hero gaming.  In the transition, my Yamaha felt clumsy and comparatively heavy.

I went on to discover that the musical scale isn’t perfectly linear.  There doesn’t seem to be that one-to-one relationship with the location of the notes.  So your mastery of scales is a very crucial component of becoming proficient on the guitar. Read further to find out the why:

A Complete Guide To Major Scales On The Guitar

Major scales are one of the most fundamental tools, both from a practical and theoretical perspective on the guitar. From a technical point of view, being able to play every major scale in any position on the guitar gives you great access and control over the fretboard.

From a theoretical point of view, major scales are the cornerstone for much theory relating to soloing, composition, chord construction and the formation of other scales. When you construct chords, you are actually using the notes from a major scale to do so. For example, to play an F major chord, you need to use the 1st, 3rd and 5th notes (F, A, C) of an F major scale. Even the construction of minor chords and altered chords uses major scales as its basis. For example, a Gmin7b5 chord uses the altered notes of a G major scale – 1, b3, b5, b7 (G, Bb, Db, F).

Modes and scales are also constructed using major scales as the foundation. When you play a Dorian scale, you are effectively playing a major scale with a flat 3rd and flat 7th. Obviously, understanding and mastering the major scale is therefor the first step in mastering the Dorian scale.

I have tried to comprehensively provide a complete guide to major scales.

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Like a lot of other musicians, I was compelled to move beyond having to follow a defined note pattern and begin playing from my emotions.  It forces me to stray from the analytical and move into a dimension of feeling my music.  I am still not extraordinarily great, but I have made steady progress after grasping the mastery of major scales on the guitar.

Learn Major Scales On The Guitar Here.