Jenny asks…

Can I learn guitar without a payed for lesson?

I want to learn guitar as I have an acoustic one that has been under my bed fir god only knows how many years. But I want to learn! It may just be a phase and I may grow out of it, but is there anyway I can learn without having to pay for lessons?

There are LOADS of guitar players at my school but I feel a but gay asking them if they could teach me :/

If you already play, can you also leave some tips on learning guitar?

josh answers:

Since you already have a guitar, my recommendation is to invest in a new set of strings for the guitar and a combination lesson book/video series. Check out the following website for some of the best prices around on guitar accessories and instructional materials. They have a wide variety to choose from, so browse around a while and find one that will help you meet your individual goals.


Susan asks…

How to learn guitar and vaolin in quick time in Orissa and where particularly ?

I want to learn guitar and violin both in Cuttack in 6 months .Is it possible ?
Where in ctc i can do so ?

josh answers:

Learning Guitar and Violin at the same time? It just won’t work out very well. There is so much to learn in each instrument that even a whole lifetime would be not enough to master it. So my suggestion is to learn any one instrument and try mastering it. For women Violin is the best choice.

BTW you can learn both these instruments online these days, no need to depend on a personal tutor.

Linda asks…

how hard is it to learn guitar if you already have experience with other musical instruments?

i play clarinet and bass clarinet so i would say my hands are already flexible and nimble. would this help me learn guitar at a quicker pace? is it hard to learn as a second instrument?
also how much should i pay for a good beginner acoustic guitar? please give me any other tips you can offer.

josh answers:

You will have an advantage, but it won’t be freakishly easy, either. I learned to play the guitar after the piano, and while it was easier for me than my non-instrumental friends, it’s still a challenge, simply because you have to move your fingers not only up and down the neck but onto all six different strings as well. Of course with practice, as you already know, you’ll get it quickly. 🙂

I bought my first for less than a hundred.
Get a self-teaching book and go from there. Good luck!

Helen asks…

How do i learn guitar chords by ear?

I have been playing guitar for a year, completely self taught, but I never played anything but power chords. How do I learn actual chords by ear?

josh answers:

Go and get the ebook from its a 93 page 8 chapter instructional book for guitar. Step by step instructions that make learning guitar extremely simple, covers in detail open chords, barre chords, power chords, single notes, playing techniques, major minor and pentatonic scales and modes, chord inversions, chord construction, improvisation and much more. Videos to go along w/ pages in the ebook, all explained in detail and easy to understand , will have you at an advanced level in a short time, also help is available through email and videos. Good luck

learning chords by ear takes time, try some ear training, but first learn major, minor , 7th, suspended, major 7th etc.. And more chord types and learn what they sound like, then go into ear training.

Sandra asks…

Would Guitar For Dummies be a good book for me to learn guitar?

Hi. I want to learn guitar. Problem is every time I look at guitar tabs I get confused and don’t know what to do. I want to learn guitar before I try on another instrument and I was wondering what books would help me. Thanks I really appreciate it.

josh answers:

Sure, Guitar For Dummies would help you out. But nothing beats just sitting down with a guitar player for an hour and having him or her teach you some chords. You could pay for a lesson or two – or just sit down with a friend. Once you’ve done that a couple times, you’ll find it a lot easier to understand what those guitar tabs are trying to tell you to do.

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Richard asks…

Where can i learn how to play the guitar for free?

I just took an interest in playing the guitar but I do not want yo pay for lessons.

josh answers:

Try searching around the internet. Besides finding helpful websites, I’m sure you can find all kinds of good things on YouTube.

Daniel asks…

Can someone tell me how to play guitar tabs, or give me a website that i can learn for free?

Id like to learn how to play guitar tabs so i can learn how to play my favorite songs. Can someone either teach me or give me a good website i can learn from?

josh answers:

Alright tabs are read upside down. Whereas the top line on the tab represents the high e string (bottom string on your guitar). Basically upside down guitar strings on the tabs. The numbers on the tabs represent which fret to place your fingers on.
—2——————— Bottom string
———————— Top string

On the tab above it says put a finger on your bottom string at the 2nd fret, another on the next string up 3rd fret, and 2nd fret again on the next string up. That is the d chord by the way. When the numbers are directly above eachother you play them as a whole all at once (like above). If there spaced out you play them one at a time.

Robert asks…

could someone tell me a website to learn how to play guitar and its free?

i just got a guitar and i dont know how to play it and i want to learn how? i dont know anything about it. could someone help me???

josh answers:

here will be some simple guitar lessons

Mark asks…

How may i get free lessons to learn how to play PIANO & GUITAR?

I really want to learn how to play the guitar and piano for FREE because right now, we’re having financial issues but you have no idea how badly i want to learn…..?

anywhere??? NOT ONLINE tho, thoe things never work

josh answers:

Have you tried learning guitar online? If not you don’t have the right to say that “they don’t work.” There are some good free online guitar sites if you just look and try ’em out.

I came across a good page from a very good website:

If you’re the visual learner buy Teach Yourself Visually Guitar. I have that book and it’s a great reference in addition to lessons.

I’m at a loss for piano.

Sandy asks…

is there somewhere online that i can learn to play guitar for free?

like completely free.

josh answers:

Try youtube. Watch the videos. Or try and try to read the tabs. Its not too hard to figure out.

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Mary asks…

Guitar Lessons?

what free or not free websites teach you how to play an electric guitar? please let me know if its free or not.

josh answers:

I think those free guitar lesson days are over, if you had a site would you teach for free, I think not. Some of them have a few free lessons as an introduction, and then you have to play. If everyone could get lessons for free who would go to the music stores anymore, you get what you pay for anyway. And as for free music, i think those days are over also, a lot of sites that use to have a few bits of music for free are no longer there, I only know of a few, not like there use to be. I think if you want anything worth while your going to have to pay. Try these and see if you can get anything out of them, good luck. Bye.

Joseph asks…

what guitar should i get acoustic or electric?

Okay my mom says that it’s a lot better for me to play acoustic guitar then electric but i think she does saying that becuase she hates the beautiful noise that comes out of it. so that just an excuse and a lie.
So this place i know is having a promotion they’ll give you a free guitar if you purchase lessons that are only 90 bucks good deal. so if i buy lessons and get an acoustic guitar i’ll just need to buy a case and some polish for the guitar and just some back up strings. My mom says that it’s a good way to learn how to play the guitar. BUT! I realllllllly want the electric. And if i buy the lessons and get the eletric for free then i need to buy a case, polish, amp, and the amp cost a lot so this is what my hear wants witch is the eletric against what my mom and my brain wants witch is acoutsic guitar. so simple i’m going to leave up to you guys. so when you guys answer this say why the electric/acoustic is better and say something about experince please what should i buy? oh and sorry for all the errors at first i wasnt messing up and now i dont care 🙂 thanks
hey mikey just mikey, honestly dude if you cant read what’s above then either A you need glasses B you lost your glasses C you need to go back to kindergarten did you understand me? or do i need to use smaller words like
u mikey need kindergarten? hope that i am 100 percent clear.

josh answers:

Many say that acoustic is better to start with but it isn’t. Electric guitars have thiner strings and give you more versatility to styles of music

Lizzie asks…

Learning to Play Guitar – Acoustic vs Electric ?

I am planning on buying a guitar and “teaching myself to play” as money is an object so guitar lessons may not be affordable for me at the minute and also lots of people have recommended good internet guides. Anyway i have been looking at guitars and there are lots of good deals on electric guitars at the minute which i am considering buying but i have been told to learn on an acoustic guitar first, is this correct? What are you thoughts….. Should i start on an acoustic or do you think i could start on an electric? And does anyone know any good FREE tutorial websites for learning to play?

josh answers:

When I started to play the guitar I bought an acoustic guitar because everyone said that you “should” start by learn to play on an acoustic guitar.

If I would have made that choice again, I would definitely buy an electric as my first guitar. First of all the electric guitar is easier to play since you have thinner strings which are easier to press down, and most often you also have a thinner neck on an electric which many people find easier to play on.

You can play anything on an electric that you can play on acoustic, and if you miss the acoustic sound you can always buy an modeling guitar processor (effect pedal) to make you electric guitar sound (almost) like an acoustic (Digitech and Zoom are two popular examples of modeling guitar processors)

When I started to learn playing the guitar I found much useful information at Digifoot Guitar. Http://

First of all you should practice on basic open chords.

Print out the PDF at Digifoot – at least I found that very useful in the beginning.

At Digifoot Guitar there are some easy song with videos that you can try to play along with, when you have practiced for a while 😉

In order to become good you also have to know the notes of your strings, which you can read more about here.

Then I would recommend that you start looking at scales pretty soon. You need the scales when you want to improvise and soloing (although it will take some time until you start improvising), but the scales are great practice for your fingers!

If you want to impress your friends in an easy way, then you should definitely check out Power Chords!!

Barre chords is a must! But they are unfortunately pretty hard to master. You have to practice a lot, but do not give up!

Good Luck!!

Ruth asks…

Free music lessons in Denver, CO?

My family is pretty much broke and I finally got my hands on an electric guitar my generous friend gifted me but I can’t afford classes and I don’t know anyone that knows how to play. Or at least teach. So is there any program teach people to play guitar for free around Denver? Or in exchange of community service or something?

josh answers:

try this out !! Obviously you have a PC with net connection i guess !! Hence you could try it!! It teaches you everything from acoustic to electric and even jazz!!

Michael asks…

Anyone at ISU want to teach Guitar Lessons??? ?

I am a senior at Indiana State University. I am trying to learn to play guitar. I am past the newbie stage. I can play a few songs. But i need a young teacher who likes to play what I like to play and can teach me or just show me how to play certain songs. I have an electric guitar but I enjoy playing my acoustic more often. So acoustic lessons are preferred. I live about 10 blocks south of campus at 6th and park.

The music I enjoy listening to is:

Dave Matthews Band (I am a huge fan, been to 25 shows, any song by them is awesome)


Three Days Grace
Breaking Benjamin
(stuff like that)

I also love O.A.R.

Jack johnson is good too.

I also listen to some country like:

Brad Paisley
Toby Keith, etc etc.

So if you are from ISU and have some free time to teach me some acoustic guitar songs…That would be great…

P.S. I can’t pay you much…BUT…I have a kegerator and we can drink some beer while we play 🙂

josh answers:

Ok I will put you in touch with someone

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Donna asks…

Can you please explain to me how to read guitar tabs?

I want to read those tabs and i don’t understand a thing. Please provide me with an easy explanations for beginners! The tabs from my guitar teacher is totally different from this one and much easier but still every tabs on the net is like this one. Thank you. Heres the link:

josh answers:

That makes me wonder what your teacher gave you, because that link looks to me like standard guitar tabs.


Read them from left to right. When the numbers are stacked, it means to play them all at once. The bottom line represents the low string, the fattest one. The top line is your high string, the thinnest one. Each number represents a fret, 0 represents an open string. The example here is an E major chord, one note at a time and then all together.

There’s various symbols that represent different techniques. Better tabs have a legend to explain which symbols they use.

Joseph asks…

What is a good guitar tab to learn for beginners?

What is a good tab that is easy for beginners but is still a good song?

josh answers:

There is a couple.
Ozzy Ozbourne/Crazy Train:
Just the intro.
Deep Purple/Smoke on the Water:
Almost the whole thing.
White Srtipes/Seven Nation Army:
The Eagles/Hotel California:
Good for learning Chords.
Three Doors Down/Kryptonite:
Good chord plucking.

Sharon asks…

Simple guitar tabs please?

Im a beginner guitar player and looking for some easily learned tabs. Anybody have any? And any tips on playing would be helpful too 🙂

josh answers: has easy to read tabs and it has pretty much any song you’re looking for. It has everything from beginner to expert songs for you so if you want beginner tabs just look up easy songs that suit you. Hope this helped, and good luck. I also recommend you learn to read music and a good beginner book on guitar is Hal Leonard Fast Track Guitar 1.

Mary asks…

guitar tabs for beginner?

i need some good guitar tabs for a beginner please!


josh answers:

Yey i love these… Ok i would try summer loving i think its in the greece musical 0-0-5-5-7-7-5-7-5 and then repeat or smoke on the water
0-3-5-0-3-6-5-0-3-5-3-0 and then repeat play both these on the e string (the thick one) or try wonderwall by oasis for some easy chords… Now im not saying you gonna master these in a day… It took me ages to master just these three… But practice WILL make perfect… So make a good effort… Another good one to practice would be seven nation army by the wite stripes its like this 7-7-10-7-5-3-2-7-7-10-5-3-5-3-2 and thats on the a string (second thickest) if you want more help email me at i will reply…

Betty asks…

Can anyone give me some guitar tabs?

can anyone give me some guitar tabs for beginner to intermediate.
specific songs would be nice 😀

josh answers:

Well, it really depends on what type of music you like. Try searching some of your fave bands or songs here: and see what comes up.

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Michael asks…

Would this be considered talent?

Well, I have ALWAYS just been obsessed with the piano. So I would always play around on it at my grandmother’s house so one day I wanted to learn a song. So I somehow learned the notes on the piano I have no idea how I learned it , (probably from a video) and I looked up a tutorial to a song and wrote down the notes and figured out the melody and just figured out how to play it when I went over to my grandma’s house. So would that be considered talent? or is that just practice? Cause now I take guitar lessons, (im a beginner) and my teacher keeps asking me do I know any other insruments cause I’m really good, just my way of tecnique and I don’t know with the guitar and he says he sees something in me o.O but anyway bavk to my question, is that considered talent?

josh answers:

Yes this is a talent. Anyone who plays a musical instrument has a talent.

Robert asks…

How can I fix my guitar?

I recently decided that I’d like to learn how to play guitar. I have a First Act guitar(use link). I broke the highest string so I know I need a new one and I think I messed up the other strings. Since I’m a beginner I also don’t know how to tune it. Can I fix this myself or should I take it to a guitar store. Tutorials of how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. Also if you know of any free online lesson or video I could watch, that would also be very helpful. Thank you.

This is what the guitar looks like:

Sorry you can’t see the front. It’s a First Act Discovery Guitar model FG 125. Thanks again 😀

josh answers:

There’s a couple of guides on the internet and books from Amazon that could help you, also just do a search in YouTube. To change a string you need to thread the new string through the bridge and wind it onto the tuning peg.

I’ve put a couple of links in my source, you might be able to find something there.

Nancy asks…

guitar help?!?!?

does any one know of an easy way to play the guitar i got a guitar last year and i wanted lessons but never got help, i bought a learn-it – yourself book and it was ok but still very challenging does any 1 no a site/ video/ book that can help me? i also do not have an experience so a beginners would be good. thanks

josh answers:

There is no easy way to play a guitar. You have to master it.
Chords are not the easiest or quickest thing to learn, they are the most complex, but also the most rewarding. From chords, you have rhythm, find lead, and bass runs. There are all kinds of free sites. After you condition your fingers, start learning basic chords, and go from there.

Maria asks…

Can You teach yourself the Mandolin? ( beginner advice please )?

I play the piano and guitar, I am interested in learning the mandolin too. I taught myself the guitar, with a bit of help from my older brother and was wondering if I would need lessons to learn the mandolin? Or could I teach myself using textbooks and online videos? What should I know before starting the mandolin? Any tips or pointers?

josh answers:

If you’re already used to guitar, you’ll have no trouble with the mandolin. Just learn the scales, then learn some tunes &/or improvise melodies.

One difference between mando and guitar: it’s not compulsory, but mandolin players tend to use similar fingering to the violin when in first position. It’s called diatonic fingering, and and you use the first three fingers until you reach the 5th fret. You only tend to use your little finger when fingering 7th fret or above.

Plenty of vids, articles, and websites to get you started.

Lizzie asks…

I want to learn guitar?

So today, I went and bought an acoustic guitar. I;m starting my first lesson next week.
However, I have no idea what to do. I feel that, before I go, I should learn the basic chords, or the string names for that matter.

Are there any videos, or tutorials that teach this, for ‘beginners’ as in ‘never played guitar before’???
Thanks guys 🙂

josh answers:

Hello Camilla Kate, and welcome to the wonderful world of guitar playing!

Learning to play the guitar should be easy and fun. One of the best ways to learn today is with online lessons. You really can learn how to play the guitar in just 15 minutes a day.

You probably could spend hours and hours of time online searching for “free” guitar lessons. On the other hand, you might just as well check out websites that offer lessons at very reasonable rates (compared to private lessons).

Visit: or or

Do your homework. Do your due diligence. Have Fun.
Also you might want to look at:
Here’s a Great Guitar for you to use when you take the Best Online Guitar Course!
If you play electric guitar, having a good guitar to play helps with motivation.
Here’s a great electric guitar for under $500: Epiphone LP Standard Plain-Top Les Paul Collection Electric Guitar, Heritage Cherryburst. You can see this guitar at:
or (for just over $500) the Epiphone LP Standard Plus-Top Les Paul Collection Electric Guitar, Trans Blue. You can see this guitar at:

Best of luck in learning how to play the guitar!

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John asks…

What is the best way to learn scales on a guitar?

I’ve been playing guitar for a while now and know a good amount of scales, I just need to learn a lot more of them and learn the fretboard better. How should I go about doing this and is there any website you can point me towards?

josh answers:

Ir you already know the scales practice them every day.
Practice with metronome and try to play scales up and down the neck. Play them in triplets, quadruplets, sixtlets e.c.t.
Play arpeggios, play them with sweep picking

Robert asks…

How do I learn scales on the guitar?

I want to learn how to improvise on the guitar so I want to learn some scales. But how do I learn them? Do I just have to play them in order over and over again?


josh answers:

Well, when you rcv a new scale, you gotta play them over and over again until you can get it right.

First you gotta concentrate on your fingerings- like the best fingerings you should use in order to play the scale smoothly.

Next listen carefully on your tone. If theres buzzing or muting, check that you’re pressing hard enough.


David asks…

How important is it to learn scales when learning to play guitar?

Or is it alright just to learn chords and a few lead runs?

josh answers:

Scales are only particularly important if you want a greater understanding of why things are where they are on a fretboard. If you’re just planning to play chords in a band or something there’s not really much reason, but I’d recommend learning them 🙂

Sandra asks…

How do you learn scales on the guitar?

I want to be able to play the guitar by ear and I’ve read that you must learn scales in order to do so, namely the major and pentatonic……. is this right?

Anyway……. I am not exactly sure how tolearn” these scales. I’ve tried playing them in order over and over again although I don’t really feel I am doing anything. Is this the correct way, or am I meant to play songs using only the notes in that scale, or what???

Thanks to whoever answers!

josh answers:

Buy a book full of guitar scales !
Straight up, there are MANY different scales, for different keys.
Whilst taking private lessons, i was given a 400 page (atleast) book full of scales and songs in which they are well used to learn for university music. I’d really recommend maybe even a few lessons with a skilled teacher as well. He/she could get you on your way, and if you chose to stick with them you can learn so much more, also by learning the technical parts of the scales.

Steven asks…

how did you learn all your guitar scales?

just boring repetetive drill after drill? or were there certain songs that helped you learn certain scales? and what were your songs ot techniques that you used to get through the endless hours of scale playing… im great at like

josh answers:

Well you really don’t LEARN anything from drills.

Drills are designed to focus in on your technique and improve it. Technique is just a means to an end… Other colors on your palette. The only reason you work on your technique is to properly equip yourself to express something musically.

You learn scales by hearing them in use in actual music. I like to refer to it as “out in the wild”. Learn a song and analyze it. Figure out what’s going on. What scales are being used? What sort of fingering patterns are being employed to play those scales? What other techniques are in use?

I’ve probably learned more about scales and modes from Joe Satriani than any other guitarist. His music always has several extra layers of complexity added to it, but it’s also wrapped up in a very musical package. He’s not out there going “Hey, look at me! I’m using a bunch of weird scales! That makes me cool right?” He makes real music (and very accessible music at that).

If you can do something unusual musically without anybody noticing that something was weird (like using uncommon scales or time signatures), then you’re doing it right.

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Sharon asks…

does anyone have a recommendation for a beginner guitar book?

I am just learning guitar. I dont even have callouses yet. I would like to know if anyone has suggestions for a beginners book I should pick up. I have an acoustic and right now I am learning sheet music, even though I wouldnt mind learning tabs. I lean more towards rock and blues but really I am just looking to figure out where to put my fingers.

josh answers:

Im a beginner in guitar too, and I use this book.

Hal Leonard: Guitar Method, Complete Edition.

The Complete Edition includes all 3 books in the series, its cheaper to get the Complete Edition because you get all 3 books and the 3 CDs that acconpany the books.

I like this book a lot ’cause it’s easy to learn from.

Hope this helps 🙂

John asks…

Where can I download free music sheets for the electric guitar?

I’m a beginner electric guitar player and don’t know how to recognize notes by just listening to them yet so I need the sheets for me to start out ^_^

If anyone knows where I can get the “99 red balloons” song music sheet I’d be sooooooooo thankful!

josh answers:

I know you can get sheet music from frostwire, which is a free download program where you can download music, videos, documents, and much more.
You can download this program by simply typing it into Google, and following the steps.
Good luck with the guitar!

Michael asks…

Where can I find beginner fiddle music?

I have been playing violin for a while and am just starting to play fiddle tunes. I have looked all over the internet and I can’t find much as far as beginner music. Most of the music on the internet is for the over used guitar. Does any one know where I can go to get good sheet music for a beginner. I am especially looking for songs with double stops in them.

Thanks in advance

josh answers:

These aren’t necessarily beginner tunes, but go to, find a specific tune or browse, then click on the “sheet music” tab.

Lizzie asks…

Where is a good site to print Guitar music for beginners?

I want to know where I can get free printable Christian music for beginners.

josh answers:

Try here-

Carol asks…

ABSOLUTE beginner wanting to read real music for guitar, can you help?

The main point I am trying to get across here is that I know absolutely nothing about music. Every guide I look for online for beginners confuses me very much. I know that notes are names for sounds, but that’s about it.

I’ve heard that you would have to have musical reading taught to you in grade school, or else it would be impossible. I’m 16, but am willing to put in the effort to read music fluently.

Please don’t assume I know what a chord, scale, key or octave is. Assume I don’t know anything other than when I pick a string it makes a noise.

Can you recommend any online tutorial or written guide? I don’t think I have the resources for one-on-one teaching though.

Number 1 mistake most “beginner” guides seem to make is that somehow it must be common sense to know that the symbols on sheet music mean, and how to play them, or what a quarter or half note should sound like.

Please help, but please don’t send me to another one of those painful sites where they believe anyone who can read words knows what they’re talking about.

josh answers:

Hi, My son is going through the same thing. Check out Borders book store, I just bought The complete guitar book & DVD set (also comes with a stand) by Steve Mackay for $19.99. It teaches the basics for beginners. Your high school probably offers guitar lessons as a elective so check with your dean & see if you can get in this school year, if it’s already full, you can pre-enroll for next year. Also, if you go to most of the smaller music stores, the younger guys that work there are usually into this sort of thing & are more than happy to tell you anything you want to know. A lot of these guys work sell instruments during the day & have the band thing at night. Bigger stores are more into making the sale. He’s learning a lot. Good luck & follow your dream!

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Daniel asks…

Which guitar should i get? (beginner)?

I’m planning on getting a guitar next month and take guitar lessons.

is this a good guitar for a beginner:


josh answers:

I started with a Fender, but it’s a CD 140… Get the fender one, they always stay in tune and they sound great! Plus the fretboard is really easy to handle! 🙂

Nancy asks…

What kind of first guitar should I get?

I’m saving up to buy my first acoustic guitar and then I’m going to go take lessons. What kind/brand is good for beginners? And how much should I spend on it?

josh answers:

I recently bought a fender DR-100 and it was one of the best buys in my life.I don’t know how it works for begginers since im an intermidate player.Best you do is go to the nearest music shop with someone that has knowlege of guitar playing and see what is best for you.
But i believe that the best brands for you should be:




These are truly the most reliable brands for any type of guitar.
Hope this helped and enjoy the magical trip of music as a guitarist 🙂

Carol asks…

is this a good guitar for a beginner?

would this be a good guitar for a beginner?
im taking lessons on playing the acoustic guitar next week
if this isnt a good guitar
can you suggest some brands under or near the price of $100
much appreciated 😀

josh answers:

Man I want that. That means yes.

Steven asks…

Good acoustic guitar for a beginner?`?

I’m going to be learning guitar over the summer. I have musical aptitude and also play violin so it shouldn’t be too bad, but I was wondering what kind of guitar would be best for me to get as a beginner. I don’t want to spend too much money on it because it’s just going to be a hobby unless I become very good at it. I’m 15, and planning to teach myself and get a few lessons. I’d say my price range is nothing over around $65. You don’t have to give me links since I’m most likely going to buy from local music stores, but tell me what brand, type of picks, etc. Thanks so much! 😀

josh answers:

$65 isn’t enough. I think the cheapest startup guitar I’ve seen was a 100$ one.. But seriously you don’t want a startup guitar. Save up some more money, ask for cash for your birthday/Christmas/etc., and get one that’s at least $200. That way you won’t have to deal with cheap parts, low quality wood, etc.

Really, getting a cheap guitar to start is the worst mistake a budding musician can make.

For picks, I like Dunlop picks myself. Get nylon picks because they’re essentially plastic but they don’t break or wear down at all. And as for the brand of guitar… I personally like Fender and Taylor acoustics but the store will probably let you try out a few.

Seriously though you aren’t getting anything for $65 unless you buy some inexpensive wood and make the guitar yourself.

And bring someone who has played guitar for a while(not that kid down the block that smokes weed and plays Nirvanah all day), who is at least semi-serious about it. I’d say 3 years of playing should be enough to know what makes a good or bad guitar.

If you get a bad guitar, it will be frustrating and you won’t have any fun. Look at it this way, do you want to spend half your playing time just trying to keep the thing in tune?

Oh and lessons wise, just use and Youtube. UG is great, has thousands of lessons(most of which are high quality) for free, and has a great userbase and forum to ask questions to. Youtube has videos if you’re a strictly visual learner, and a lot of the lessons on there are pretty good.

Drop me an email if you need anything else or have any other questions.

David asks…

I want to learn acoustic guitar, so how do I go about it?

well, i’ve wanted to learn guitar but i dont want to pay for lessons, so what is the best way to teach myself guitar? any good websites, books, tips for a beginner?
i already know the mechanisms of music because i’ve been playing piano for seven years.

josh answers:

Hey there … Do you have a problem …
Do you wanna play guitar … I can help you
i’ll give my best …
Just add me

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Daniel asks…

Acoustic Guitar Questions?

so i was given an acoustic guitar and i was interested in starting to play
and my first question is where can i find free lessons online to learn the basics and practice on playing notes.(don’t tell me youtube…..because most of the ones they serve there are incomplete).i want to play indie music generally and also some alternative so what is the best style to learn for what i want and what is the best tutorials out there. i don’t mind the difficulty since i know a guitar is like any other instrument in that it takes time to learn but i would like lessons that actually teach.because even if it is hard to learn i’d like straightforward teaching that is not incomplete,weak, or just gibberish.
my second question is how much should i invest in this like where can i find good tuners and whatever else i need for reasonable prices.That is NOT online.just tell me the stores where they sell them no online stores crap.

josh answers:

Well, if you are unwilling to pay anyone to teach you what they spent years trying to learn and perfect, and you don’t think you can learn anything from you tube (those lessons are incomplete for a reason, so you can concentrate on learning one thing at a time) then, why don’t you do what the vast majority of people who now play guitar have done? Teach yourself! How do you do that? Well, do you know what songs you want to learn to play? Ok then, do you have those songs, so you can listen to them? Ok, then sit down with your guitar and listen to one part of the song over and over (just like you tube, you know) and the figure out how to play it by trial and error and practice it until you know it and then move on the the next part of the song and learn that. Too hard? Takes too much time? If that is the way you feel about it, I doubt that you really want to play guitar at all. When you love it so much that you pretty much live with that guitar and practice it every chance you get, then every time you practice you are training your muscles and your ear to remember the notes and before long, you can sit down with a new song and listen to it and pretty much know how to play it because your mind and your fingers have been trained to find a not that they hear and you can pretty much play anything at that point just by listening to it. If you’re not willing to do that, maybe you should just do something else that you do really love to do.

So, you want to play indie music. But, I can tell from you question that you have no idea what indie music is. The term indie stands for Independent. Indie music is music that is written and played by Independent artists (unsigned, not associated with a record label or has his or her own label) so, there is no genre or style of music knows as indie music. Indie music is all styles or genres of music that were created by indie artists. Just and FYI.

It would be a good idea, if you want really want to teach yourself, if you purchased the following books:

Best tuner ($30) – the Intellitouch PT10 Tuner. Http:// – Be careful not to drop it. They are fragile. But the work great!

You can often get better prices online. Especially for things like books and tuners.

If you want a local deal, then go make friends with a local dealer. Most of them will discount your major purchases for you.

The bottom line is this. The guitar is NOT easy. It can be fairly easy to learn a few chords and sing a few simple songs. But, it is the second hardest instrument to master. Second only to the violin. If you intend to play professionally, then you need to take it seriously and spend all your spare time learning it. When my grandson was first learning the guitar, he used to take his guitar to school with him and instead of recess or lunch and on the way to school and on the way home, he was practicing the guitar. He taught himself everything. Then he decided to take lessons. At that point, he was already playing better than the teacher. Today, in only 4 years, he’s the most sought after guitar player in his high school. If you’re willing to pay the price, you can make millions of dollars playing the guitar. At that point, all the practice and the hard work, seems like it was really just too easy after all.

Mark asks…

Guitar… Why do these three chords sound so good together?

I have ben taking online lessons via you tube and this was the last one i did. Watch it and see if you can tell me why the chords sound so good together?

Do they fall under some rule that i can apply to other chords to improve my playing?

josh answers:

Harmony in music is based on relationships. Take the key of C major. The scale is CDEFGABC, you can build the chords up like this:

I ii iii IV V vi vii I

Chords I, IV and V are called the primary triads and are major. The rest are Secondary triads. The secret to good “sounding” chord is that they are related to each other.

In a Major key chord iii is a very weak chord, like vii and should be avoided. A great chord sequence is: I, IV, vi, ii, V and I.

Primary chords are more important than Secondary. Chord ii is ok. It should be used before V (ii V I) his creates an excellent ending (perfect cadence)

try working out the chords in another key because this rule is the same in any key

Lisa asks…

where to learn guitar?

i want to learn guitar. what is the best site online to learn a little bit?
i want to learn online because i can’t take lessons from an actual teacher right now.

is youtube the best resort? if so, which videos are the best to learn from? thanks!

josh answers:

YouTube is a very good option and it is free, but I think Jamorama ( ), is a better option. It gives you everything you need to learn guitar in an in depth experience and will help you out for a long time. The cost is a little bit of a downside, but it really does a good job of teaching you quickly. If you don’t feel like buying a program though your best bet is going to be YouTube.

Susan asks…

Learning to play guitar, any help?

im trying to learn acoustic guitar but i dont have time to go to lessons. are there any good online videos that could help me? my friend said she used youtube but im not sure where to look. if you could help that’d be great 🙂

josh answers:

Here are a few good sites for you to begin with. This should keep you busy for quite a while before you go through all that they have to offer.


Sandy asks…

Tips on Teaching myself the guitar?

hey, so my dad bought me a guitar and I’m trying to learn how to play it but I’m having some trouble. I’ve had it for a little over a month and only managed to learn the names of the strings and how to tune it. I did get a chord chart and a chord book and I’ve been trying to work on that but I can’t seem to play any of them right. I don’t know exactly why but I do know that my fingers are touching the other strings when I attempt to play a chord. Everytime I try to fix it, it doesn’t work. I can also tell that my fingers are weak. I have this little spring thing thats supposed to help make your fingers stronger but I don’t think it’s helped. Also, this may sound weird but my ring finger (3rd finger?) and Pinky always wants to stray off to the side or something. any idea how I could try to fix that?
I’ve also been looking online a lot and watching youtube videos but thats not really helping either. I can’t afford lessons but I really really want to learn. but everytime I pick it up I get frustrated and put it back down. I don’t want to give up but I’m not making any progress.
so if anyone has ANY advice I would appreciate it.
thanks so much : )

also, I’m left handed and I’ve got a left handed guitar. I don’t know if that matters though. haha

josh answers:

Ok, well it is normal for a beginner’s ring and pinky fingers straying, but you have to control that. I suggest <—– that website. Its got some good stuff. For strengthening your fingers the best thing for it is to just play. Practice with the best technique you can, meaning on chords try not to hit any other strings, and try to push down the strings your fingers are on hard enough so they ring clearly. has a few lessons, along with tabs and chords for songs. But I wouldn't recommend going there until you feel comfortable with playing and switching between chords. You can also find some video's and lessons on YouTube. Thank god for youtube!

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Daniel asks…

How can i learn the music notes to play guitar?

josh answers:

There are visual aids that show where every note is on the neck. There are also chord dictionaries. If you’re just starting out, I suggest that you at least take a few private lessons.

Sandy asks…

What’s an easy, free guitar website where i can learn chords,notes,and songs?

I’m getting really frustrated with my playing and i need some help, i cant afford lessons so im using a book. But for this kind of stuff im a visual learner so i need some videos to help me.

josh answers: – Same as guitar.about – Lets you see pictures of chords.

Chris asks…

Why is it important to learn guitar theory such as known all the notes from a,b,c,d,e,f,g and reading music?

what is that used for later?

is it used for fingerpicking?

josh answers:

Well, you see, I only play a bit of guitar, mainly violin, but we have to learn music theory as well. The point is to be able to understand the music more, as in, where to play louder, softer, gradually dimmer, etc. When you see Vivace or Andante or something like that. That way, you can put your own “soul” into what you’re playing.
If you can’t read music, what’s the point in playing? You should be able to read music in order to start playing the piece.
And for the notes C, D, E, F, G, A, and B, if someone randomly asks you, “Can you start playing this piece from the note D” or something like that, you’ll know where to start. Or when you’re practising scales. If the person says, ‘please play A minor scale” and you don’t know your notes properly, you can’t exactly know what to play.
Yes, I know learning this stuff isn’t exactly fun, (Believe me! I’ve had experience) but it can really improve your skills. Guitar is a really cool instrument, and every musician needs to know their theory, right?

Donald asks…

I need help with learning the guitar notes.?

I have a guitar and I know how to play some notes with it, but there are other fret boards and I don’t know those notes. Does anyone know If there is a website that shows the note position on the staff and how to play them on the guitar? thanks in advance.

josh answers:

Here are links to click on for three interesting sites. I’ll keep looking:

This one looks fun:

Linda asks…

I’m teaching myself acoustic guitar so what would be better: learn to read notes or just use tabs?

I want to be the best guitar player that I can possibly be so since I don’t have the benefit of someone guiding me through the whole process, would it be better if I learned to read notes OR should I just look up the tabs for my favorite songs and memorize those and hope I can pick other songs that way? Btw I’m pushing 27…. please don’t tell me I’m too old for this.

josh answers:

Hello there,

Too late? It’s not even 10:00 yet. Never too late to learn to play guitar.

Tabs are a shorthand method of writing guitar music. There are limitations to tabs, such as no convention to write rhythm. However, because tabs are so easy to use they are quite popular now. Whether you read the notation for a song or the tabs, the song will be the same. Being written in tabs does not mean that the song is dumbed down. Someone may write a simplified version of a song in tabs and post that on the internet. It is common to find simplified versions of songs. But that is not because it is written in tabs.

To be the best guitar player you can possibly be, you need to learn the basics. You’re in luck there. It is a lot easier to learn to play these days compared to when I learned (shortly after the dark ages). There is a lot of good instructional material available on the internet. Here are some examples.

Don’t know how much you have learned so far, so I will start at the beginning. Here is a link to a video lesson at Youtube. This guy has a series of 12 lessons available there at Youtube. You can find the other lessons in the related videos section. He covers the basics very well. You can learn a lot from him. He uses an electric in the videos, but most of the material translates well to the acoustic.

Next is an article about how to read tabs. The more common way of writing guitar music these days is in what is called tab

For starters, I will skip a source to learn notation. I think you should learn to read notation as you go along. But there is a lot to learn about how to play a guitar and you cannot learn everything at once. As you progress, look for a site with a good explanation of notation. I suspect Whole Note. Com will have one. They have a good music theory lessons section.

Here is a link to a chord chart. It is several pages long. You can look up how to finger various chords with this. Download this PDF file to your computer. It comes in handy when you need to look up a chord.

When you are ready to start learning some songs, you can search for the tabs. Just Google the name of the song and the word tabs. A common site you will see with guitar tabs is 911 Tabs. There are many, many others. Also, at Youtube search the song name and the words lesson or how to play. There are a great many good video lessons on songs there


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