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www.youtube.com – (!) more important beginner’s guitar info at this video here, after you watch this one. Get this online guitar manual to learn important guitar techniques that you’ll need to know, and learn to play the correct way from the start: jamguitar.com And if you’re looking for a program that will take care of everything you need to learn guitar, you should check out the link above. I’ve seen lots of programs but this is the only one I’ve used a lot to learn, and it works great and keeps you interested in playing. This is a commercial guide and it costs a bit of money. I’m involved with the company, too, just to let you know and the above is an affiliate link. But that doesn’t change my opinion about it – it is the only thing I’ve ever used to play guitar. Hi everyone this video is about overcoming beginners guitar learning frustration and getting to love the guitar. It’s all about how much you love the guitar in the end – all the greatest guitarists learned to love their guitars and that made them practice 3 or 4 or more hours per day. Love is what makes you a legend when it comes to just about anything. So watch this video and learn the first step to overcoming that learning curve at the beginning… once you give enough practice and you’re past the curve, the guitar will start giving back Remember to practice correctly and practice often! Good luck, and cheers

Did you know that even famous guitar players will make mistakes when learning another guitar type such as acoustics etc. When starting out, pick a method that seems comfortable for you as a beginning guitar player. Go here now for help with Online Guitar Lessons..
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