Easy Acoustic Begginer Guitar Lessons

Donna asks…

acoustic guitars for beginner?

whats a good guitar brand? im gonna start to get lessons, so a guitar would be pretty important.
i want a decent guitar that isnt too spendy. but i dont want a cheapie guitar that wont last long.

Simple Acoustic Beginner Guitar Lessons

josh answers:

First act is pretty good to start, it’s from WalMart, but really… It will last you forever, I had one for over 4 years

For a good acoustic get any Yamaha acoustic/electric at any music store, even some Best Buy’s

Just make sure to wood polish it with a rag every once and a while and what really determines sound is the strings, get some thicker gauge acoustic strings to start (anything but nylon)

Acoustic Beginner Guitar Purchase

William asks…

acoustic guitar help?

i love country music and i was interested in learning how to play acoustic iv never really played an instrument before but i really wanna learn how to what would be a good guitar for a beginner and some online books or actual books to teach me i don’t wanna take lessons thanks

Best Acoustic Beginner Guitar Purchase

josh answers:

Good beginner guitars would be something like a Takamine Jasmine S34C NEX Cutaway or an Epiphone DR100 for around $100. If you can swing $200 you can get a solid top guitar like the Yamaha FG700S. Those would be my top choices for beginner guitars.

As for learning to play, yes, you do want lessons, you just don’t want to pay for them. I’d recommend you go to a music store and buy book one of a good lesson series like Mel Bay or Hal Leonard and go through that and learn the fundamentals before you start jumping on YouTube and randomly looking for something that will teach you to play.

Youtube videos are a great supplement but should not be looked at as a primary source for learning the fundamentals of guitar. Books are great because you can sit down and play from them anywhere, but there are also a number of good DVD and video training materials available. There are some free sites that are decent but most I’ve seen don’t go through a methodical approach or start with fundamentals.

Everyone seems bent on just jumping right into learning specific songs without laying a good foundation. Learn the notes and how to read music, learn scales and chord theory, and actually understand what you’re playing and you’ll enjoy the guitar much more long term than if you just start memorizing a bunch of chords and tabs.

Cheap Acoustic Beginner Guitar Purchase

Richard asks…

how much does getting a guitar cost in total?

I want to learn how to play acoustic guitar but I’m clueless 😀

How much do they usually cost, what brand should I buy, how to take care of it, how much do lessons cost, is there a special one for beginners, and anything else I should know.

Best Acoustic Beginner Guitar Purchase

josh answers:

What you should do is just go to musicians friend’s website and pick up a Fender SE Special Strat Value Pack if you want electric. They are fairly decent guitar for a beginners. They come with EVERYTHING you will need to first start out. An amp, cable, picks, guitar stand, gig bag, tuner, and an instructional DVD all for 199 dollars.

Best Acoustic Beginner Guitar Brand Purchase

Mark asks…

What are good acoustic guitar brands to buy?

I am some-what a beginner and I’m hoping to get lessons soon with my brother…and I’m getting a new guitar hopefully, for my birthday. My old one was a Mitchell acoustic and it is to small for me now, because it’s 3/4 and I need a full. So considering I’m hoping to be able to pick up a new guitar and not only get better by myself, but with lessons, I am wondering what are good brands for beginners, and overall good to play with a good sound? Thanks! Easy 10 points!

josh answers:

Collings, Santa Cruz, Goodall, and Froggy Bottom all make fantastic acoustic guitars.

Simple Acoustic Beginner Guitar Lessons

Linda asks…

Beginner at Guitars Help?

First of all i’m going to a high school that offers guitar lessons for beginners its a Music Academy. All i need to know is what guitar to begin with! My friend told me i should start with nylon strings but not really my style so im going with Steel strings How bad is the pain? Imo i have pretty rough fingers so idk. I’m going to start off with an acoustic but idk which one to get i don’t know anything about guitars but i really wanna learn!! how much would i spend on an acoustic guitar and where are some places i can buy some that aren’t cheap or too pricey! and if you can post a photo of a guitar and the name! and give me info on what i should start with.

josh answers:

I’ve been on and off with the guitar but recently I’ve been practicing much more over the guitar than any other instrument I’ve played. My first instrument was the piano. Easy. Second was the violin. I built a little bit if callouses from that. Then when I started playing the guitar, the pain was the most difficult to deal with.

*TIP* If you don’t have callouses yet, do NOT play the guitar before or after you shower. IT STINGS!!! But once you built your callouses, it does not hurt at all. It’s easier to slide up and down the strings of the guitar.

My first guitar (the one I still use now) is a simple $100 steel string acoustic guitar. The brand is Eleca. I don’t see myself having a musical career, so I guess I’ll use this one forever.
Honestly, I think you should save your time and money buying the standard strings and cope with the pain. Your callouses come in after a week; depending on how much you’re playing it.

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