Beginner guitar sheet music

Laura asks…

Help finding beginner guitar sight reading sheet music?

where can i find beginner guitar sheet music online for the sole purpose of practicing sight reading?

When I started learning piano, my teacher loaned me books with simplistic songs that were designed to increase sight reading. Are there any examples (free) of these online?
which torrent files u downloaded? (not the program.. i got that lol)

josh answers:

I’ve been looking for this myself – if I find any I’ll email you, if u do the same – ITS ALL TABS!!! Grrrrr.
The only place i’ve been able to get anything is from torrent sites.


Lizzie asks…

where can i get free simple beginner sheet music for the guitar?

i am currently a beginner at learning the guitar and i don’t want to have the really complicated sheet music that i don’t understand yet so i just want simple easy to play and understand ones. HELP 😛

Guitar sheet music

josh answers:

I was in band in Jr high and high school, and i couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to read guitar music when i started 5 years ago. Tabs are very helpful, and unless you are playing in some kind of orchestra or something, i find sheet music pretty pointless, considering tabs are so much easier.

Guitar Sheet Music

Mary asks…

Where can you find free guitar sheet music for beginners?

Does anybody know where you can find simple, classic songs online for free? The specifics doesn’t matter so much, but any help would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

Free Guitar Sheet Music

josh answers:

Yes just type in the name of the song in Google and the first few websites should be what your looking for

Guitar Sheet Music

David asks…

what guitar to buy for a beginner?

i really want to learn how to play the guitar, as a teenager, but want suggestions on what would be a good guitar to invest in, as well as any other extras I should invest in. Also, what are some good p[laces with reasonably priced sheet music?

Beginner guitar sheet music

josh answers:

I just bought my first guitar about a month ago. I just went to reputable store and they were very helpful. There are guitars in nearly every price range and a good music store can give you great advice on which one is right for you. Mine is an Alvarez acoustic/electric and I love it. It has great tone.

As far as accessories I’d suggest a capo and a chord book to get you familiar with fingerings, strumming, etc. Also an electric tuner is nice as this makes tuning the guitar a snap. I often tune mine without, but the tuner is a time saver.

Music, I use a lot of chords and tabs that i find online. Just type “song title chords” into Google and you’ll come up with many free sites with lyrics and chords for a multitude of songs.

Good luck and have fun!

Beginner Guitar

Susan asks…

Songs i could play on guitar? (beginner)?

I started guitar around 2 months ago and i need songs to play. I know these chords: E minor A minor C D G and F. Thanks sheet music too if u have link or YouTube tutorials

Free Guitar Sheet Music

josh answers:

It really depends on what kind of music you like.Don´t play songs you don’t like just because they are beginner songs.Also it doesn’t matter how many chords you know,when you find a song you wish to play,learn the new chords that are required.This guy is awesome guitar teacher,there are lots of song tutorials for free on his site,see if you like any of these:

For me personally,I started playing Tenacious D songs first,check them out if you like rock.

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